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Handmade with a twist

Drupt makes handmade jewelry with a twist. All pendants are produced in Amsterdam. Choose your type of necklace in terms of length and color and click on your favorite pendant.
Drupt does not do mass production, which makes each pendant unique. All hangers are filled with unique products: from discarded jeans to dried flowers in all kinds of colours. Drop by drop, a mold is filled with your favorite twist, which creates small air bubbles in the pendant, making each piece of jewelry even more unique. Never get bored, with a strong magnet you can click all different types of pendants on your favorite necklace.

In addition to the permanent jewelery within the collection, it is also possible to give your jewelery a personal twist. Mail to info@drupt.nl all your wishes and great ideas.

Drupt was founded by Samuel Bijenhof in October 2018.