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Pair of gold earrings with rose pink

Pair of gold earrings with rose pink

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The earrings are the perfect accessory for any occasion. These earrings are designed with a minimalist and contemporary design, making them an effortless match for any outfit.

This pendant is filled with rose petals.

Did you know:
Did you know that 50 million roses are sold in the Netherlands for Valentine's Day alone? The major disadvantage of giving flowers is that they wilt and you have to buy new ones. This Drupt pendant is a lot more original, more durable, does not wither and continues to shine around your neck!

What makes these earrings unique is the innovative design where you can click pendants onto the earrings. This gives you the freedom to customize your earrings to suit your personal style and mood. Whether you choose a subtle pendant for an everyday look or a striking pendant for a special occasion, the earrings offer endless possibilities.

All pendants fit all earrings and necklaces from our brand. This means you can mix and match endlessly to create your own unique combinations. The earrings are made of high-quality materials and are allergy free.

Contains 2 pendants and two earrings
Dimensions: 15mm x20mm
Material: stainless steel - gold plated
Color: Gold
Gift wrapping: Yes

About Drupt:
Drupt does not do mass production, which makes each pendant unique. All Drupt pendants are handmade in Amsterdam, fit all types of Drupt chains and are delivered in a gift box. Drop by drop, a mold is filled with your favorite twist, creating small air bubbles in the pendant, making each piece of jewelry even more unique.

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