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Drip Pendant Black Pearl

Drip Pendant Black Pearl

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Choose your type of necklace in terms of color, style, length and click on your favorite pendant.

In addition to all our hangers with a twist, we also have the full color line. Always a matching color with your favorite outfit.

Did you know:
Did you know that you were colorblind at birth? You only develop the ability to see colors after four months. And when you're an adult you can distinguish about a million colors from each other.


Dimensions: 1.2cm x 1.2cm
Material: Polyepoxide
Gift wrapping: yes

All chains come standard with a connector. A loose pendant without a chain is not supplied with a connector.

About Drip:
Drupt does not do mass production, which makes each pendant unique. All Drupt pendants are handmade in Amsterdam, fit all types of Drupt necklaces and come in a gift box. Drop by drop, a mold is filled with your favorite twist, which creates small air bubbles in the pendant, making each piece of jewelry even more unique.

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