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Drip Pendant Blue Apatite

Drip Pendant Blue Apatite

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A Meaningful Jewelry
The transparent sphere filled with a blue apatite stone is a beautiful piece of jewelry that is both visually attractive and has a deep symbolic meaning. This unique pendant combines the transparent beauty with the refreshing energy of blue apatite, making it a perfect accessory for anyone looking for both style and meaning in their jewelry collection.

Blue apatite is a special stone known for its spiritual and healing properties. It is often associated with clarity, communication and inner peace. It stimulates the throat chakra, which helps express thoughts and emotions in a clear and assertive way. Blue apatite also encourages self-expression and self-confidence, and helps strengthen intuition and increase spiritual insights.

Dimensions: 1.2cm x 1.2cm
Material: Polyepoxide
Gift wrapping: yes

All chains are supplied with a connector as standard. A loose pendant without a chain is not supplied with a connector.

About Drupt:
Drupt does not do mass production, which makes each pendant unique. All Drupt pendants are handmade in Amsterdam, fit all types of Drupt chains and are delivered in a gift box. Drop by drop, a mold is filled with your favorite twist, creating small air bubbles in the pendant, making each piece of jewelry even more unique.

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