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Drop Ring GeoS Limonium 'diamond white' Gold

Drop Ring GeoS Limonium 'diamond white' Gold

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This beautiful handmade ring contains a real dried Limonium flower, carefully placed in an elegant silver or gold ring. The ring is adjustable, making it suitable for any finger size. The subtle and timeless design makes this ring a perfect keepsake or gift, symbolizing the beauty of nature. Carry a piece of nature with you, always stylish and meaningful. The delicate Limonium flower adds a unique and refined element, making this ring a special addition to any jewelry collection.

Dimensions: Adjustable
Frame: 10mm
Material: Stainless steel, polyepoxide

Gift wrapping: Yes

About Drupt:
Drupt does not do mass production, which makes every piece of jewelry unique. All Drupt pendants are handmade in Amsterdam and are delivered in a gift box. Drop by drop, a mold is filled with your favorite twist, creating small air bubbles in the jewelry, making each piece of jewelry even more unique.

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